What is the meaning of post-Fordism?

What is the meaning of post-Fordism?

/ (ˌpəʊstˈfɔːdɪzəm) / noun. the idea that modern industrial production has moved away from mass production in huge factories, as pioneered by Henry Ford, towards specialized markets based on small flexible manufacturing units.

What was the Fordist Keynesian welfare state?

The Keynesian Welfare State In Fordism the state manages the wage relation and labour market policies and guides the aggregate demand, in this way it helps to balance the supply and demand.

What is an example of post-Fordism?

Undyed clothes are mass produced, but then sent to small, home-based craft workers to dye the clothes and add adornments such as buttons.

What are the features of post-Fordism?

The four important traits which help us to characterize post-Fordism are as follows: 1. Flexible production 2. Group productions 3. Team work 4.

What do Fordism and post-Fordism constitute?

The term post-Fordism is used to describe both a relatively durable form of economic organization that happened to emerge after Fordism and a new form of economic organization that actually resolves the crisis tendencies of Fordism. In neither case does the term as such have any real positive content.

How is post-Fordism different from Fordism?

The key difference between Fordism and Post Fordism is that Fordism refers to the large scale production of identical products, whereas Post Fordism refers to the flexible specialization of production in small batches. The concept of Post Fordism originated when the concept of Fordism fell out of use during the 1970s.

What is post-Fordism sociology?

Post-Fordism is the dominant system of economic production, consumption, and associated socio-economic phenomena in most industrialized countries since the late 20th century.

What is the difference between Fordism and post-Fordism?

When did post-Fordism occur?

Given mounting globalization, and industrial restructuring turning on the shift from Fordism to post-Fordism, the subdiscipline became central during the 1980s, and defined by several elements.

When did post-Fordism begin?

What is post-Fordism AP Human Geography?

Terms in this set (9) post-Fordist. the world-economy now; a more flexible set of production practices in which the component of goods are made in different places around the globe and then brought together is needed to meet market demand-brings places closer together in time and space (ex: stock markets)