What is the difference between freeride and downhill bikes?

What is the difference between freeride and downhill bikes?

Freeride can loosely be defined as building and riding trails that consist of challenging features like jumps and drops. While downhill mountain biking is all about speed, freeride is all about amplitude and tricks. It doesn’t matter how fast you go; it just matters that you go big.

What are freeride bikes for?

Freeriders are known to frequently disappear into the wilderness hunting for new ‘zones’. Once a ‘zone’ has been found, many hours will be spent carrying their bikes and hiking up scree slopes in an attempt to emulate ski descents on the “brown pow” (known to the rest of us as “soil”).

What is the difference between enduro and freeride bike?

Freeride could arguably be a separate category, but most current freeride bikes tend to be all-mountain or sometimes enduro bikes with much tougher parts builds. Buy it if: You want a bike that will be more comfortable on descents, no matter what you run into going downhill, but still want to pedal up.

Can trail bikes be used for downhill?

Trail bikes can handle steep downhill terrain and jumping but the repetitive impact on a trail bike could cause some extra wear and tear over time. You will be more prone to flats and your shocks will get extra work as they are thinner than a downhill bike.

What defines a downhill bike?

A downhill bike (also known as a downhill mountain bike) is a full suspension bicycle designed for downhill cycling on particularly steep, technical trails. Unlike a typical mountain bike, durability and stability are the most important design features, compared to lighter, more versatile cross-country bikes.

Can you use an enduro bike for downhill?

An enduro bike can withstand most normal downhill use. Far more than most riders realize. So an enduro bike will not break on downhill trails under most usage. Enduro bikes are far more durable than cross country bikes on downhill, but they’re called all mountain bikes for a reason.

Is enduro the same as downhill?

Downhill is a form of mountain bike race that involves steep and rough terrain while enduro is a long-distance race for, typically over rough terrain, designed to test endurance.

Do you really need a DH bike?

With the invention of extremely capable enduro bikes, people are starting to question ‘is it’s worth buying a full DH bike? ‘. The honest answer is a full DH bike will be too much for most riders. However, if you plan on racing, riding uplift days, or have chairlift access then a DH bike could be the one for you!