What is the conjugation for lesen?

What is the conjugation for lesen?

Lesen (to read)

Pronoun Conjugation Pronunciation
ich lese ish LAY-zuh
du liest doo leest
er liest air leest
sie liest zee leest

What are the six forms of spielen?

Verb conjugation of “spielen” in German

  • ich spiele. du spielst.
  • er spielte. wir haben gespielt.
  • ihr werdet spielen.
  • sie würden spielen.

How do you conjugate tanzen?

Verb forms in Present of tanzen

  1. ich tanze (1st PersonSingular)
  2. du tanzt (2nd PersonSingular)
  3. er tanzt (3rd PersonSingular)
  4. wir tanzen (1st PersonPlural)
  5. ihr tanzt (2nd PersonPlural)
  6. sie tanzen (3rd PersonPlural)

What is the past participle of lesen in German?

The past participle of lesen is gelesen.

Does spielen take haben or sein?

The verb spielen is not a verb of motion, so the auxiliary verb must be haben.

Is geben Dativ or Akkusativ?

But in general, a dative verb is one that normally takes an object in the dative case—usually without any other object. The list below does not include such “normal” verbs, as geben (give) or zeigen (show, indicate), that commonly have both a direct and an indirect object (as in English): Er gibt mir das Buch.

Is geben regular or irregular?

gegeben. Irregular conjugation for the verb “geben” and its compounds: replacement of -e- in the stem of Present tense with -i- for the second and third person singular form of Present tense , and with -a- for the Preterite (“ich gab”) and -e- in Past Participle (“gegeben”).

Is Tanzen a verb in German?

Lesson Summary In this lesson, we learned about the verb tanzen which means ‘to dance. ‘ It is a regular verb, but it uses the ending -t instead of the ending -st for the second person singular (du).