What is Sophie Turners accent?

What is Sophie Turners accent?

I’m constantly around the standard American accent. The people I work with are pretty much all American, and some of my family are American, so I slip into that pretty easily, but to do a Southern accent is a complete change. It was tough.

Does Sophie Turner have a British accent?

Turner sounds way more casual than the beleaguered Sansa. However, her English roots mean her accent isn’t too different from the character she plays onscreen.

Is Sophie Turner American?

Sophie Belinda Jonas (née Turner; born 21 February 1996) is an English actress.

What accent does Emilia Clarke have?

Irish accent
From there she headed back to have a hoedown with her Southern US voice. All before finishing up like a good lass with a cold can of Guinness and her Irish accent. But as much fun as it was to hear her many voices, watching her do them was even more entertaining.

What kind of accent does Kit Harington have?

southern English accent
Harington, a Londoner, naturally talks in a southern English accent: “pass” to rhyme with “farce”, and all that. But as Snow he dons thick, gruff Yorkshire: comparable to that of Sean Bean’s Eddard Stark, his late father (sort of).

Why does everyone have a English accent in Game of Thrones?

David Benioff & DB Weiss thought that the show suited dialog with English, Scottish and Irish accents. Even though Game Of Thrones is written by an American author and is intended for American audiences, the show specifically uses British accented dialog.

Is Sophie Turner taller than Joe Jonas?

At 5 foot 9, Sophie Turner still proudly wears her heels around her 5-foot-7 husband, Joe Jonas. The “Game of Thrones” actress is 2 inches taller than her Jonas Brothers frontman husband.

What accent does Kit Harington have?

London born star Kit Harington has shared that he was relieved when he got the seal of approval for his Irish accent in the TV series Modern Love after being blasted by UK critics.

What is Sean Bean’s accent?

Yorkshire accent
Bean is often described as “down to earth” and has retained his Yorkshire accent.

What accent does Ned Stark have?

Ned Stark has a northern accent (actually Sheffield). Robb Stark has a northern accent (actually Scottish). Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy are non-northern actors with northern accents. Arya Stark has a slight West Country accent.

Does anyone in Game of Thrones have an American accent?

American viewers of Game of Thrones also get a coherent range of accents from all of the British Isles. Those from the north of the fantasy world tend to speak mostly with either northern English or Scottish accents. In the first series, Yorkshiremen Sean Bean and Mark Addy played their parts with their own accents.