What is nuclear transmutation in physics?

What is nuclear transmutation in physics?

Transmutation or nuclear transmutation is a process that involves a change in the nucleus of an atom. When the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom changes, the identity of that atom changes as it is turned into another element or isotope. This transmutation process can be either natural or artificial.

What is transmutation in nuclear chemistry?

transmutation, conversion of one chemical element into another. A transmutation entails a change in the structure of atomic nuclei and hence may be induced by a nuclear reaction (q.v.), such as neutron capture, or occur spontaneously by radioactive decay, such as alpha decay and beta decay (qq.

What is a transmutation equation?

Artificial Transmutation Equation An equation represents the conversion of one element to another. The artificial transmutation is shown with the number of protons.

What is induced transmutation?

Transmutation is the conversion of an atom of one element to an atom of another through nuclear reactions. Induced nuclear transmutation is transmutation which is induced by scientists by striking the nuclei with high volume particles.

What do we mean by transmutation?

Definition of transmutation : an act or instance of transmuting or being transmuted: such as. a : the conversion of base metals into gold or silver. b : the conversion of one element or nuclide into another either naturally or artificially.

What is Alchemy transmutation?

(Alchemy) Transmutation is the conversion of base elements into precious metals, such as gold or silver. The artificial production of gold, chrysopoeia, was a goal of alchemists, who sough to develop a Philosopher’s Stone that would be capable of the transmutation.

What is natural transmutation?

Natural transmutation is a type of nuclear transmutation which occurs naturally. Here, the number of protons or neutrons in the atomic nuclei of a particular chemical element changes, which converts a chemical element into a different chemical element.

What is transmutation in biology?

the fact or state of being transmuted. change into another nature, substance, form, or condition. Biology. the transformation of one species into another. Compare transformism.

Why is transmutation classified as a nuclear reaction?

Transmutation is classified as a nuclear reaction because their is a change in the nucleus of an atom.

What is a nuclear transmutation quizlet?

transmutation. A change in the identity of a nucleus as a result of a change in the number of its protons.