What is Multilingual Aphasia Examination?

What is Multilingual Aphasia Examination?

MULTILINGUAL APHASIA EXAMINATION (MAE): “MAE is a neurological based examination which is designed to indicate the presence of aphasia in patients by using 11 different subtests which attempt to assess various aspects of expressive and receptive language functions including- visual naming, sentence repetition.

What does token test measure?

The ‘Token Test’ was developed to assess comprehension of spoken instructions. It measures the capability to carry out commands of varying complexity (e.g., ‘touch the blue square and the white square’).

What is token test?

a test of auditory language processing in which participants are asked to manipulate tokens of different shapes, sizes, and colors in response to increasingly complex instructions. The Token Test is used to identify and evaluate receptive language dysfunction associated with aphasia. [

What does the Boston Diagnostic aphasia Examination test?

The exam evaluates language skills based on perceptual modalities (auditory, visual, and gestural), processing functions (comprehension, analysis, problem-solving), and response modalities (writing, articulation, and manipulation).

How do you test for verbal fluency?

  1. The verbal fluency test (VFT) is a short screening test that evaluates cognitive function.
  2. The person is asked to list all of the animals he can think of in the next 60 seconds.
  3. To score the VFT, count up the total number of animals or words that the individual is able to produce.

What does the Boston Naming Test measure?

The Boston Naming Test (BNT), consisting of 60 black and white line drawings of objects, is a measure of confrontation naming that takes into account the finding that patients with dysnomia often have greater difficulties with the naming of low frequency objects.

What is semantic verbal fluency test?

Abstract. The Semantic Verbal Fluency (SVF) test entails the generation of words from a given category within a pre-set time of 60 seconds.

What is phonemic and semantic verbal fluency?

Phonemic fluency was defined as the sum of correct, non-repeated words that an individual produced in the N and A letter trials. Semantic fluency was defined as the total number of correct, non-repeated animals that an individual named in the animal naming trial.