What is Lyc O Mato good for?

What is Lyc O Mato good for?

Lyc-O-Mato supports cardiovascular health, skin health and prostate health. Formulated in a base of cold-pressed olive oil for enhanced absorption.

How much lycopene is in Lycomato?

2007). Lyc-o-Mato® is a tomato extract oleoresin containing 15 mg lycopene along with other tomato phytochemicals including phytoene (1.5 mg), phytofluene (1.4 mg), β-carotene (0.4 mg), and tocopherols (5 mg) (Voskuil et al. 2008).

What is Lycomato?

Lycomato is a supplement made from tomatoes and contains valuable plant compounds that are easily absorbed by the body. The compounds in Lycomato benefit your eyes, heart, skin, prostate, and more.

Is lycopene good for prostate health?

This suggests that lycopene effects on prostate cells may play an important role in prostate health. We conclude that lycopene effectively inhibits the growth of normal human prostate epithelial cells. If lycopene inhibits the growth of prostate cells in vivo, this may likely affect the growth of prostate tissue.

Does lycopene lower PSA levels?

Although lycopene supplementation did not produce any reduction in PSA levels overall, a significant reducing effect was observed in patients with higher levels of baseline PSA.

Is lycopene safe to take daily?

There is currently no recommended daily intake for lycopene. However, from the current studies, intakes between 8–21 mg per day appear to be most beneficial. Most red and pink foods contain some lycopene. Tomatoes and foods made with tomatoes are the richest sources of this nutrient.

Is lycopene cancerous?

Epidemiologic studies suggest an inverse relationship between lycopene consumption and risk of cancer (3), particularly lung (4), stomach (5), prostate (6), and hormone-positive breast cancers (7). A consistent association between lycopene consumption and endometrial cancer risk has yet to be reported (8) (9).

Does lycopene really work?

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits, including sun protection, improved heart health and a lower risk of certain types of cancer. Though it can be found as a supplement, it may be most effective when consumed from lycopene-rich foods like tomatoes and other red or pink fruits.

Is lycopene good for kidneys?

Lycopene was able to decrease MDA, RAGE and TNF-α levels in the kidney. Thus, this carotenoid can be beneficial for the prevention and treatment of toxicity induced by oxidative stress in the kidney due to obesity.