What is Kanakasavam used for?

What is Kanakasavam used for?

Kanakasava is widely used in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as Asthma, cough, fever and bleeding diseases.

What is the use of Amrutharishtam?

Kerala Ayurveda Amrutharishtam is an ayurvedic medicine used the treatment of chronic fever, typhoid fever and other infectious diseases. It is natural immunity booster, increases non-specific immunity and helps the body to fight off bacterial as well as viral infections.

What is the use of Vasarishtam?

Kerala Ayurveda Vasarishtam is an ayurvedic medicine that is a powerful natural expectorant that helps in the treatment of respiratory disorders. Its primary ingredient is vasaka or malabar nut that is antiasthmatic and mucolytic. This tonic is useful in the treatment of bronchitis, cough cold, and bleeding disorders.

What is Vyoshadi Vatakam?

Vyoshadi Vatakam is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine for cough and sore throat. Its ingredients are also known to help treat symptoms of respiratory infections such as bronchitis and sore throat.

How do you drink Kanakasavam?

Kanakasava can be taken twice a day, preferably after meals. Take 15-20ml Kanakasava, mix it with equal amounts of water and drink it twice a day. You can also drink it as directed by the physician.

How do you take Kanakasavam?

Adults: 6 – 15 ml, along with equal quantity of water, immediately after meals or as suggested by the ayurvedic doctor or health care provider.

Can we take Amritarishta?

You can take 15-20ml Amritarishta or as directed by the physician to get relief from fever. Mix it with equal amounts of lukewarm water to dilute its taste a little. Take it once or twice a day, preferably after meals.

What is Dasamoolakaduthrayam Kashayam?

Dasamoolakaduthrayam Kwath Tablet is a form of the Dasamoolakaduthrayam Kashayam. This kashayam is known to be widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment for cough and cold. In the tablet form, this medicine retains its original efficacy but is more convenient to store and use.

How do you take Vasarishtam?

It is also used in the Ayurvedic treatment for coughing up blood. It is also good at relieving a hoarse voice. Adults can take 15 to 25 ml and children from 5 to 15 ml or as directed by an Ayurvedic physician.

What is Arimedadi oil?

Arimedadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil used for a famous procedure called oil-pulling or gargling. It helps to improve strength of teeth and sense organs. It is also called Irimedadi oil, Irimedadi taila and Iremedadi tel (oil).