What is Carmel NY famous for?

What is Carmel NY famous for?

The area of Carmel New York was part of Sybil Ludington’s famous 1777 ride to warn the area that Danbury had been sacked and the British were on their way. The bravery of this young girl, just 16 years old, is commemorated by a statue that graces the shores of Carmel’s Lake Gleneida.

Is Carmel NY Rural?

It has no incorporated villages, although the hamlets of Carmel and Mahopac each have populations sizable enough to be considered villages….

Carmel, New York
Location of Carmel, New York
Coordinates: 41°23′6″N 73°43′46″WCoordinates: 41°23′6″N 73°43′46″W
Country United States
State New York

What towns are near Carmel NY?

Local towns near Carmel, NY

  • Carmel Hills, NY.
  • Tilly Foster, NY.
  • Field Corners, NY.
  • Lake Carmel, NY.
  • Crafts, NY.
  • Kent Corners, NY.
  • Brewster Heights, NY.
  • Dykemans, NY.

In what county is Carmel New York?

Putnam CountyCarmel Hamlet / County

Does Carmel New York have a mayor?

Carmel Supervisor Ken Schmitt is Putnam’s highest paid supervisor or mayor, with a salary of $108,514 in the town’s latest budget. He was the only local elected official making more than six figures.

What’s it like to live in Carmel NY?

Carmel has all the good qualities of an American suburb: Active community, self-improvement resources, and institutions across the entire county. From the Reed Library right by Lake Gleneida to the Carmel-Mahopac hiking trail, residents of Carmel make a serious effort to create a pleasant place to live.

Is it safe to live in Carmel NY?

Additionally, NeighborhoodScout analyzed all cities and towns in America with a similar population size to Carmel, and we found that the crime rate in Carmel is one of the lowest in the nation for its size. This means Carmel is one of the safest places in America in which to live for its size, a very important finding.

Is Carmel NY A good place to live?

CARMEL, N.Y. – A recent study on the safest communities in New York State ranked the town of Carmel as the fourth-safest midsize city in the state.

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What district is Carmel NY?

40th District
New York’s 40th District includes the towns of Beekman, Pawling and the village of Pawling in Dutchess County, the towns of Carmel, Patterson and Southeast, and the village of Brewster in Putnam County, and the city of Peekskill, the towns of Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mount Pleasant, New Castle, North Salem, Pound Ridge.