What is an example of instrumental good?

What is an example of instrumental good?

Things are deemed to have instrumental value if they help one achieve a particular end; intrinsic values, by contrast, are understood to be desirable in and of themselves. A tool or appliance, such as a hammer or washing machine, has instrumental value because it helps you pound in a nail or cleans your clothes.

What is the definition of instrumental good?

Instrumental good: something considered as a means to some other good; i.e., an instrumental good leads to something else that is good.

What is the difference between instrumental good and an intrinsic good?

The fundamental difference between intrinsic and instrumental value is that intrinsic value is valued for its own sake, whereas instrumental value is valued for the end results gained from it.

Is happiness an intrinsic or instrumental good?

Many philosophers would say that it makes no sense to talk about things being valuable in themselves unless they are actually valued by someone. Even pleasure or happiness are only intrinsically valuable because they are experienced by someone.

Is happiness an instrumental value?

Happiness and pleasure are typically considered to have intrinsic value insofar as asking why someone would want them makes little sense: they are desirable for their own sake irrespective of their possible instrumental value.

Is health an instrumental good?

Medicine is an instrumental good for health, which is an instrumental good for other goods. These other goods are often more intangible and often more important than the goods of medicine or health.

Is equality an intrinsic or instrumental good?

Instrumental Egalitarians value equality as a means to achieve something else (peace, fraternity, happiness) (or as a component of something else) of value. On TE equality is intrinsically valuable. Indeed,TE is committed to: “The Principle of Equality:It is in itself bad if some people are worse off than others.”

What is the difference between intrinsic and instrumental value?

Something with intrinsic value has value in and as itself, for its own sake. Instrumental value is valuable for being useful. Something with instrumental value is valued because it helps one to actualise some other goal or purpose whose value, relative to the instrumental item, is intrinsic.