What is a roller finger follower valve train?

What is a roller finger follower valve train?

The Roller Finger Follower is used in the valve train of passenger cars as part of a cam follower system that is capable of shutting off a cylinder while the engine is running.

How does a finger follower work?

“Finger-followers do not have a ‘bucket’ and instead the follower acts directly on the top of the valve [there is a shim to set the clearances], which means there is approximately 20% less weight moving.

What is a valve follower?

In an internal combustion engine, a tappet (also called a ‘valve lifter’ or ‘cam follower’) is the component which converts the rotation of the camshaft into vertical motion which opens and closes the intake or exhaust valve.

What is shim under bucket?

Shim-under-bucket “adjusters” This brings us to valves set with shims under the buckets, the prevalent method of adjusting valves on modern bikes. A shim-under-bucket setup uses the bucket to shroud the shim. By virtue of the bucket’s protective “walls,” the shim cannot be “spat out” by the camshaft.

Are followers and lifters the same thing?

Camshafts are classified by the type of lifter they use. The lobes on the cam are machined differently based on the intended lifter. Lifters are sometimes called a “follower” or “tappet.” They contact the cam lobe with either a flat surface or a wheel.

Why do valve clearances tighten?

Types of Valves and How They Work With exhaust valves, the clearance can become tighter over time as the valves or valve seats wear down, diminishing the clearance, known as the lash, between the valves and the valve train components.

What is stroke of the follower?

Stroke or throw:The greatest distance or angle through which the follower moves or rotates. Follower displacement: The position of the follower from a specific zero or rest position (usually its the position when the f ollower contacts with the base circle of the cam) in relation to time or the rotary angle of the cam.

Are cam followers tappets?

A tappet is also known as a valve lifter or cam follower.

Can I use roller lifters on a flat tappet cam?

It is possible to run hydraulic flat-tappet lifters on a solid flat-tappet cam, and hydraulic roller lifters on a mechanical roller cam. The rules in some racing classes restrict competitors to running hydraulic valve lifters. Cheaters have been known to run hydraulic lifters on a mechanical (solid) cam profile.