What is a MonoVault?

What is a MonoVault?

MonoVaults are tough, tough, tough! Protect your gear and guns with a MonoVault. Large mouth spin on lid assembly with O-ring seal on a one piece molded body. No joints at the bottom to leak. …and the lid itself is protected by the enclosing super stout Burial Shield!

What is a burial tube?

Unique Storage Tube That Can Be Buried As Well. This unique burial storage tube can be used for regular storage and also as underground storage for guns. It’s bury safe with a locking, airtight lid that’s watertight and will keep the contents safe inside.

Who makes MonoVault?

Like it’s relative, the “Gamma Seal” made for 5 gallon buckets, the MonoVault will be a great storage container to protect items from air and moisture. Used as directed it should be a great storage method. Polyfarm, LLC has a great product.

What is a gun cache?

Often the phrase “weapons cache” is used of a bunch of hidden guns or weapons that have been hidden or stored away, which is logical, given that the French verb cacher means “to hide.” Sometimes things aren’t really hidden but are stored away out of sight for use later.

How do you bury a cache?

Bury it: Dig a hole, someplace far from prying eyes. To give the cache the best chance of survival, avoid areas that have or will have ground water or dampness where thaw/freeze cycles could wreak havoc and water can get in.

Can you bury ammo cans?

An ammo can, if properly closed and sealed off, can be buried deep into the moist ground and anything that you store inside will be kept completely dry. The cans are large enough to store a wide variety of items at once.

How do you stop buried money rotting?

Place the plastic-wrapped square of bills into a waterproof container. PVC plastic works well for protecting against moisture, and some lock boxes are designed to protect against the elements. The container should seal itself tightly when closed to prevent water from getting in.

Why should you never bury a cache?

You should never alter the environment when you hide a cache, nor should you place the cache in such a spot that seekers will have to affect the environment when they look for it. Never bury a geocache or place it in thick brush that others will have to clear.

What is a buried cache?

The Buried Barrel Cache is a 3×4 lootable container in Escape From Tarkov that has a very large loot pool.

How do you make a survival stash?

If you are hiding a cache for the purpose of resupply, then food, water, ammo, and fuel might be all you need. If you want to hide valuables, then create a survival cache just for that….These include:

  1. Food.
  2. Water.
  3. Paracord.
  4. Water filter.
  5. Knife.
  6. Firestarter or waterproof matches.
  7. Tarp.
  8. Flashlight and batteries.