What happened to the Blackwater 100?

What happened to the Blackwater 100?

The famous Blackwater 100 was shut down after the 1993 event, but by this point the GNCC series had earned the reputation as being the Premier Offroad Racing Series in America. Throughout the 90s the series would still grow more and more.

When was the last year for the Blackwater 100?

It was a 100-mile cross-country off-road race like no other, held every June from 1975 to 1993 in the dark north woods of West Virginia. Beginning and ending in the sleepy town of Davis, each race lap served up 20 miles of brutal riding — nay, survival!

When was the first Blackwater 100?

The Blackwater 100 happened every year in Davis, West Virginia, from 1975 to 1993. It was a 100-mile race across swamps, mud holes, tight trails, steep rocky uphills and downhills, and the famous Highway 93 river crossing.

Is GNCC AMA sanctioned?

“Without question, in terms of rider participation and media exposure, the GNCC series is the premier off-road racing series in America. We are proud to see them return as an AMA-sanctioned series, and we look forward to supporting Racer Productions and honoring GNCC class champions with AMA national No.

Who is kailub Russell’s dad?

Jeff Russell
Kailub Russell and his father, Jeff Russell, made history this weekend when they became the first father/son duo to both win a national enduro title when Kailub wrapped up the championship with one round remaining on the schedule at this weekend’s Black Coal Enduro, round nine of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series in …

Who is Scott Plessinger?

Scott Plessinger was one of the top off-road racers of the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was a four-time AMA national champion with two Grand National Cross County titles (1994 and 1995) and two AMA National Hare Scrambles titles (1989 and 1992).

How do I get into GNCC?

Here are the steps to register at the event:

  1. Step 1: Go to Rider Registration and complete the Entry Form at the table outside the red tent.
  2. Step 2: You will need to have a current AMA membership and know your AMA number and expiration in order to register.
  3. Step 3: GNCC uses RFID transponders to score the races.

How much do GNCC racers make?

Essentially, the event pays the typical $14,000 GNCC purse, and then adds $18,000 each day in bonus money for the top-three overall finishers. In addition, specialty awards will also be given out for holeshots and other awards as they have been all season.

How old is Caleb Russell?

Kailub Russell is a familiar name for anyone who follows the GNCC series. He is 27-years-old and from Kingston, Ohio, though he currently lives in Booneville, North Carolina.

How old is kailub Russell?

2020 GNCC / Full Gas Sprint Enduro Champion After an amazingly successful career racing off-road, 30-year-old Kailub Russell will close out his magnificent 10-year run in GNCC as a champion—an eight-time champion, at that.

Is Scott Plessinger related to Aaron Plessinger?

Monday, August 4, 2008 | 9:00 PM. Aaron Plessinger is the son of two-time GNCC Champion Scott Plessinger.

What do Aaron Plessingers make?

Aaron Plessinger’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. His primary source of income is a racer.