What gun is the vector in cod?

What gun is the vector in cod?

submachine gun
The Vector is a submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Strike Team, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty Online, Call of Duty: Heroes, Call of Duty: Mobile and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

How do you unlock the vector in Modern Warfare?

How to Get the Fennec SMG (Vector) in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Like all new seasonal guns, the Fennec is included with the Season 4 Battle Pass. Simply reach Tier 15 of the new Battle Pass to acquire the new weapon.

Is the vector A good gun?

As it sits, the Kriss Vector offers one of the best submachine guns on the market. It’s somewhat unconventional, but it works. The fast firing rate combined with the low recoil design makes the vector perfect for close quarter’s combat.

How do I unlock Fennec WZ?

To unlock the Fennec for use in Warzone, you’ll need to get 5 kills while using an SMG with the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex and Ranger Foregrip in 10 different matches. As you’d expect, this challenge is far, far easier if you own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and its multiplayer modes.

Is Type 25 a real gun?

As mentioned above, the Type 25 is an AR, and the official description of the gun in the game is: “Fully automatic assault rifle.

Does the US military use the vector?

In real life, the KRISS Vector submachine gun is used by various military and police units around the world. These include military and law enforcement in the United States, the Indonesian Army, the Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Police, and the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

Can I buy the Amax?

The CR-56 AMAX can be acquired by purchasing shop blueprints or through an in-game challenge that will sound rather straightforward if you’re used to this weapon category. To unlock the AMAX in Warzone, you must get 3 Gunbutt kills while using an Assault Rifle in 10 different matches.

How do you get the Fennec fast?

Get five kills while using an SMG with the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex and Ranger Foregrip in 10 different matches in Warzone or Modern Warfare.