What does vaisey mean?

What does vaisey mean?

This unusual and interesting name has its origins in an Anglo-Norman-French word “enveisie”, meaning playful, merry and used as a nickname for a bright, cheerful person.

What nationality is name Pascall?

Pascal is a French and an Italian surname of Romance origin….Pascal (surname)

Blaise Pascal, French philosopher
Word/name Latin, in turn of Hebrew
Meaning related to Easter
Region of origin France, Italy, Neo-Latin Languages

Where does the name Main originate from?

Scottish, English (of Norman origin), and French: from the Continental Germanic personal name Maino, Meino, a short form of the various compound names with a first element magin ‘strength’, ‘might’.

Where does the name Schoen come from?

German (Schön): nickname for a handsome or pleasant man, from Middle High German schoene ‘fine’, ‘beautiful’; ‘refined’, ‘friendly’, ‘nice’.

Is Pascal a French name?

French and English: from the personal name Pascal, Latin Paschalis, a derivative of pascha ‘Easter’, via Greek and Aramaic from Hebrew pesach ‘Passover’. Compare Italian Pasquale. possibly also an Americanized form of Greek Paskhales, which has the same origin as 1.

Is Pascal a Portuguese name?

Pascal is a masculine given name. It is a Francophone name, cognate of Italian name Pasquale, Spanish name Pascual, Catalan name Pasqual and Portuguese name Pascoal. Pascal is common in French-speaking countries, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. Derived feminine forms include Pascale, Pascalle or Pascalina.

Where did the name Dillard come from?

Dillard is an English surname, a variant of the name Dollard, which comes from the Old English dol and Norse dul (meaning conceited or proud) and ard (meaning hard). Hard in this case refers to a person who is tough or brave, a sense that still exists in the exclamation Come on, if you think you’re hard enough!

Where does the name Nunez come from?

Origins of Nuñez: The surname of Nuñez can be traced to the Old Portuguese and Old Spanish civilizations. The surname of Nuñez is a patronymic surname, meaning that it denotes that the original bearer of this surname was the descendent of someone who bore the personal, given name from which it derives.

Is Schoen German?

Schoen is a common surname of German origin.

Is Schon a German name?

Schön is a German surname, which means handsome or beautiful, from the Middle High German schoene, meaning “beautiful”, “friendly”, “nice”.

Is pascal a biblical name?

Pascal derives from the Latin paschalis or pashalis, which means “relating to Easter”, from the Latin term for “Easter”, pascha, Greek Πάσχα, from the Aramaic pasḥā (Hebrew pesach) “Passover” (since the Hebrew holiday Passover coincides closely with the later Christian holiday of Easter, the Latin word came to be used …