What does po5 mean on Braun thermometer?

What does po5 mean on Braun thermometer?

It’s an error code when the thermometer is not positioned correctly in the ear.

Is the Braun ThermoScan accuracy?

The Braun ThermoScan® 5 is proven more accurate than forehead or rectal measurement, with a super fast reading – even for the fussiest child.

How do I calibrate my Braun ThermoScan?

  1. Remove the PRO 6000 Thermometer from the 9600 Plus Calibration Tester and read the temperature in the thermometer’s display. If the temperatures are within ±0.2 °C, the thermometer is within calibration.
  2. Apply a new probe cover.
  3. Repeated measurements in short sequence may cause higher readings.

How do you prime a dialysis machine?

For example, a typical priming sequence on a conventional dialysis machine requires that the operator connect the outlet of the dialysis machine (i.e., the venous line) to a saline source and then operate the dialysis machine in reverse to fill the extracorporeal circuit with saline.

Which Braun thermometer is the most accurate?

Best thermometer overall: Braun Digital No-Touch Forehead Thermometer ($26.99, originally $59.99; amazon.com or $54.99; walmart.com) The Braun Digital No-Touch Forehead Thermometer was by far the best we tested.

Is the Braun Thermoscan accurate for adults?

It not only registered between 97.9 and 98.6°, it did so consistently, AND kept a running tab. It was actually more accurate than the old oral thermometer which was off by as much as 3 degrees (maybe the mercury is tired, but more likely it varied with the 3-5 minutes that was bearable to get a reading).

Does Braun thermometer need to be calibrated?

The thermometer is initially calibrated at the time of manufacture. If this thermometer is used according to the use instructions, periodic readjustment is not required. If at any time you question the accuracy of temperature measure- ments, please contact Braun Infoline (see page 2).

How do I reset my Braun ThermoScan?

Reset your Smart Ear Thermometer:

  1. Slide the battery cover down then pull it away to expose the battery compartment.
  2. Remove the batteries.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Put the batteries back in, the same as they were before.
  5. Push the button to turn on the thermometer.