What does Kmf switch stand for?

What does Kmf switch stand for?

A KMF is a fused switch which simply has a fuse in the phase side. There is no reason you could not adopt a double pole mcb arrangement if you wanted to or take a new circuit off the existing CU if this was practical. A 60A or 80A BS1361 will not discriminate with the main cut-out.

What is the BS number of a Kmf switch?


Current Rating 80A
Standards BS 60947
Supplied With Fuse
Type Fused Main Switch
Unspsc V18 39121116

What is switch fuse used for?

The purpose of a switch or a fuse is to break or connect an electric circuit, but they must be correctly connected in the home. A switch or a fuse in an electrical circuit is always connected to the live wire so that the socket or appliance is not live when switched off.

What BS number is a Rewirable fuse?

BS 3036
1. – Semi-enclosed (rewirable) fuses to BS 3036 and cartridge fuses for use in plugs to BS 1362.

What does Kmf stand for?


Acronym Definition
KMF Kiss My Face (retail website)
KMF Kuenstliche Mineralfasern (German: Man-Made Mineral Fibers)
KMF Karnataka Milk Federation (Karnataka, India)
KMF Knowledge Management Framework

What is the difference between fuse switch and switch fuse?

The main difference between the two is that the switch can break the circuit and provide over current protection to the installation.

What is the difference between switch and fuse?

The difference between fuses and switches lies in the way they work : Fuse: Consists of a metal piece or filament that breaks when heated above a certain temperature. When it breaks, the electric flow is interrupted. Fuses respond faster than switches, but affected fuses have to be replaced with new fuses.

What is a BS1361 fuse?

BS 1361 is the British Standard number for HRC cartridge fuses in household consumer units and similar applications. We have a range of sizes from 5 to 100 Amps. BS1361 type 1 fuses are used in older household consumer units (fuse-box).

Who is the chairman of KMF?

Balachandra Jarkiholi
It is a federation of milk producers under the ownership of Ministry of Cooperation, Government of Karnataka….Karnataka Milk Federation.

Trade name Nandini
Founded 1974
Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka , India
Key people Balachandra Jarkiholi (President)

What is a KMF fuse?

It’s a switch fuse, usually 80A HRC. “800KMF” (or google “KMF switch” for some pictures and datasheets). When you see it, you’ll recognise it. Re: What is a KMF please?…Was reading about switch fuses when extending tails. Than KMF…………………. Kan Make it Fit.

What type of switch is the 800kmf?

The 800KMF is a fully moulded, compact wall mounted, SP&N switchfuse rated at up to 80A, complying with BS EN 60947-3 for duty AC22B, 240v AC. The unit is fitted with a fully insulated pull out fuse carrier, which will accommodate HRC fuse links complying with BS 88-3 (BS1361) and rated between 45 -80A.

What kind of switch is a MEM memera 800kmf?

Eaton MEM Memera 800KMF 80A SPN Switchfuse (fuse fitted) – John Cribb & Sons Ltd, UK Electrical Distributors, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset & the Isle of Wight. The 800KMF is a fully moulded, compact wall mounted, SP&N switchfuse rated at up to 80A, complying with BS EN 60947-3 for duty AC22B, 240v AC.

Can a KMF be used as a switch gear?

However a KMF may fall foul of regulation 421.1.201 and be classed as similar switch gear. So you would have to house the KMF in a non combustible enclosure which isn’t ideal or use something like this Wylex switch fuse.