What does Inmonuments mean?

What does Inmonuments mean?

(mɒnjʊmənt ) Word forms: plural monuments. 1. countable noun. A monument is a large structure, usually made of stone, which is built to remind people of an event in history or of a famous person.

What are monument give examples?

Examples of monuments include statues, (war) memorials, historical buildings, archaeological sites, and cultural assets. If there is a public interest in its preservation, a monument can for example be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What’s the meaning of the word cenotaph?

empty tomb
The word cenotaph is derived from the Greek kenos taphos, meaning “empty tomb.” A cenotaph is a monument, sometimes in the form of a tomb, to a person or group of persons buried elsewhere. Ancient Greek writings tell of many cenotaphs, although none of them survives.

What is the base word for memorial?

memorial (adj.) late 14c., “memorable, excellent,” also “remembered, committed to memory,” from Old French memorial “mindful of, remembering” (Modern French mémorial), and directly from Latin memorialis “of or belonging to memory,” from memoria “memory” (from PIE root *(s)mer- (1) “to remember”).

What is a living monument?

The living monument concept represents a new paradigm in how we memorialize the past. Traditionally, we memorialize history with monolithic, rigid objects that isolate history and take it out of context. These mammoth objects try, unsuccessfully, to make the person or event immortal and unchanging.

What do monuments tell us about?

Buildings that are historically important are known as monuments. Monuments tell us a lot about the time period in which they were built. The science, culture, religious beliefs, and architecture of the people of the time and place in which the monument was built, are exemplified through the monuments.

Is Taj Mahal a cenotaph?

The domed white marble mausoleum stands on a plinth with tapering minarets on each corner. Its harmonious proportions and exquisite craftsmanship have made the Taj Mahal one of the wonders of the world. The cenotaphs are located in the central chamber of the mausoleum and are covered in pietra dura work.

What is the word for remembering the dead?

A memorial service celebrates the life of the deceased. Something written about the dead person can also be called a memorial, and you could say donating to a dead friend’s favorite cause is a memorial to them. If it honors the dead, the word memorial probably fits.