What does double brooded mean?

What does double brooded mean?

Double brooding is the initiation of a second clutch of eggs after successfully raising young from the first clutch. Migratory birds that nest in temperate North America are often single-brooded, but there is widespread intra- and interspecific variation.

What brooded means?

1 : to sit on eggs to hatch them. 2 : to cover (young) with the wings for warmth and protection a hen brooding her chicks. 3 : to think long and anxiously about something She brooded over her mistake.

Is brooded a real word?

Meaning of brooded in English to think for a long time about things that make you sad, worried, or angry: I wish she wouldn’t sit brooding in her room all day.

What does brooding over something mean?

to think and worry about something a lot. brood about/over: Don’t sit and brood over it for weeks. Synonyms and related words. To worry or feel nervous about something.

What is double clutching in birds?

The ‘double-clutching’ process involves confiscating a newly laid egg from a nesting condor pair to induce the birds to mate again and produce a second egg.

How do you use brooded in a sentence?

Brooded sentence example Brady brooded then dismissed everything to focus on his surroundings. Jonny paced and brooded . Rodmar, for the sake of the treasure, was slain by his sons Fafnir and Regin; and Fafnir, seizing the whole, retired to a desolate heath and, in the form of a snake or dragon, brooded over the hoard.

What does clutch mean in birds?

A clutch is the total eggs a bird lays per each nesting attempt. Some birds have more than one nesting attempt per year. Clutch sizes differ not only among major taxonomic groups of birds and among species, but even within an individual.

What is a duck clutch?

A clutch is a full set of eggs laid by a single female. In ducks, clutch sizes range from three to 12 eggs. During the first few visits, the hen attends the nest only briefly, but as the size of her clutch grows, she spends more and more time there.

What does broody mean in England?

informal. If someone, especially a woman, is broody, she feels as if she would like to have a baby: Much to her surprise, Ruth started feeling broody in her late twenties. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.