What causes the tortoiseshell pattern on a female cat quizlet?

What causes the tortoiseshell pattern on a female cat quizlet?

Why are tortoiseshell cats female? Patches of their fur will be orange or dark brown, depending on which X chromosome is active in each patch of tissue. The mosaic pattern of brown and orange patches results in coloration called tortoiseshell.

What does the term gene expression refer to in biology quizlet?

The term “gene expression” refers to the. process by which genetic information flows from genes to proteins. A gene operon consists of. transcribed genes, an operator, and a promoter.

Which is a possible result of miRNA molecule binding to an mRNA molecule?

Binding of a specific miRNA to its target on an mRNA can inhibit its expression by a variety of mechanisms. Although the most common mechanism is translational repression as a result of miRNA binding to the 3’UTR of an mRNA, mechanisms involving mRNA degradation and destabilization have also been described.

Can the Lyon hypothesis be tested in a human female who is homozygous?

The Lyon hypothesis cannot be tested in a human female who is homozygous for one allele of the X-linked G6PD gene.

Why do tortoiseshell coats occur primarily in female cats?

b) tortoiseshell coloring is an ex linked recessive trait, so females with 2X chromosomes or more likely to express the trait than males.

What is a gene expression quizlet?

gene expression. the activation or “turning on” of a gene that results in transcription and the production of mRNA. genome. the complete genetic material contained in an individual.

How your genes are expressed is called your?

It consists of two major steps: transcription and translation. Together, transcription and translation are known as gene expression. During the process of transcription, the information stored in a gene’s DNA is passed to a similar molecule called RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cell nucleus.

How do siRNA and miRNA affect gene expression?

Gene silencing mediated by miRNA The major difference between siRNAs and miRNAs is that the former inhibit the expression of one specific target mRNA while the latter regulate the expression of multiple mRNAs. A considerable body of literature now classifies miRNAs as RNAi molecules.

Is there a genetic explanation of her frequent miscarriages?

i) Is there a genetic explanation of her frequent miscarriages? Yes, The miscarriages are the result of the production of unbalanced (aneuploid) gametes produced by the normal meiotic process.

What is a Barr body and where is it found in a cell?

The Barr, or sex chromatin, body is an inactive X chromosome. It appears as a dense, dark-staining spot at the periphery of the nucleus of each somatic cell in the human female.