What can you do with an MA in media studies?

What can you do with an MA in media studies?

Sample Job Titles

  • Advertising Coordinator.
  • Announcer/Broadcaster.
  • Assistant Media Planner.
  • Campaign Manager.
  • Communications Consultant.
  • Consumer Advocate.
  • Copy Writer.
  • Development Assistant/Coordinator.

Does NYU have media studies?

Welcome to the NYU Department of Media, Culture, and Communication. We specialize in the study of media and technology in their cultural, social, and global contexts.

What degrees can you do with media studies?

What can I do with a media studies degree?

  • Digital marketing executive.
  • Content marketing executive.
  • Social media executive.
  • Media buyer.
  • Public relations (PR) specialist.
  • Television/film/video producer.
  • Video editor.

Is NYU good for communications?

New York University jumped several spots to #7 on the QS World University Rankings for Communication and Media Studies. Its methodology is based on scholarly citations, academic reputation, and employer reputation (i.e. alumni employability in the field).

What is the acceptance rate for NYU Steinhardt?

around 42%
programs at Steinhardt have some of the highest acceptance rates in the country. Steinhardt’s undergraduate acceptance rate hovers around 42%, while the Master’s and Advanced Certificates acceptance rates at NYU Steinhardt historically average 50%.

Are media degrees useless?

Film studies, media studies and drama have been ranked among the most “pointless degrees” according to new research. The study found acting was the top waste of time, followed by outdoor adventure and environment and office skills. One in four graduates now regret having gone to university, the research shows.

What is the most pointless degree?

10 Most Useless Degrees In 2022

  1. Advertising. You may probably think that advertising is far from dead, and it’s still widely used.
  2. Anthropology And Archeology.
  3. Fashion Design.
  4. Tourism And Hospitality.
  5. Communications.
  6. Education.
  7. Criminal Justice.
  8. Creative Writing.