What are the slogans of junk food?

What are the slogans of junk food?

Anti Junk Food / Fast Food Slogans & Quotes

  • Dunk the Junk.
  • No Junk, Know Health!
  • Eat junk less, to get fit into your dress.
  • Don’t be a fool, avoid junk food.
  • Fast-food junkies, mindless donkeys.
  • There is a reason they call it ‘junk’ food.
  • Junk belongs to the trash.
  • For your health’s sake, skip the chips and the cake!

What is the slogan for not eating junk food?

Quit junk foods as your meal; else they will make you ill. Please keep away from Junk foods; they lead you to all the diseases. If you don’t maintain your health, it also won’t guard you back.

Do not eat junk food quotes?

Put junk foods into dustbin not into your stomach. Say no to junk food. Slow food = fast life, fast food = fast death. Stay away from junk food and you’ll be in a better mood.

How do you say no to junk?

Here are six strategies you can use to resist the flood of junk food fighting for your attention.

  1. Don’t let yourself get too hungry.
  2. Don’t drink your calories.
  3. Find foods that don’t cause war.
  4. Address your stress.
  5. Get enough sleep.
  6. Give yourself a break.

How do you say no to sugary foods?

7 Tips to Get Your Brain to Say No to Holiday Sweets

  1. Think About The Side Effects.
  2. Remind Yourself That Weight Management is All Year Round.
  3. Moderation is a Lifestyle.
  4. Stick With Your Exercise Routine.
  5. Say No to Outside Influence and Peer Pressure.
  6. Eat Regular Meals and Regular Meal Times.

How do you cut out fast food?

Eight ways to cut the junk food

  1. Plan your snacks.
  2. Think before you drink.
  3. Base meals around protein.
  4. Start your day on the right foot.
  5. Make healthier swaps.
  6. Practise mindful eating.
  7. Buy less junk food.
  8. Save takeaways as a treat.