What are the JMS providers?

What are the JMS providers?

The following is a list of common JMS providers:

  • Amazon SQS’s Java Messaging Library.
  • Apache ActiveMQ.
  • Apache Qpid, using AMQP.
  • IBM MQ (formerly MQSeries, then WebSphere MQ)
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server’s Service Integration Bus (SIBus)
  • JBoss Messaging and HornetQ from JBoss.
  • JORAM from the OW2 Consortium.

What is JMS which are the known JMS providers?

Most popular JMS Providers

  • WebSphere MQ. IBM.
  • Weblogic Messaging. Oracle Corporation.
  • Active MQ. Apache Foundation.
  • Rabbit MQ. Rabbit Technologies(acquired by Spring Source)
  • HornetQ. JBoss.
  • Sonic MQ. Progress Software.
  • Open MQ. Oracle Corporation.

What is JMS and why it is used?

JMS (Java Message Service) is an API that provides the facility to create, send and read messages. It provides loosely coupled, reliable and asynchronous communication. JMS is also known as a messaging service.

What does JMS stand for?

Java Message Service (JMS) is an application programming interface (API) by Sun Microsystems that functions as Java message-oriented middleware.

What are the new features of JMS 2.0 simplified API?

The single biggest change in JMS 2.0 is the introduction of a new API for sending and receiving messages that reduces the amount of code a developer must write. For applications that run in a Java EE application server, the new API also supports resource injection.

Is ActiveMQ a JMS provider?

ActiveMQ is a JMS provider. A JMS provider forms the software framework for facilitating the use of JMS concepts inside an application. A single node of ActiveMQ which allows clients to connect to it and use these messaging concepts is called an “ActiveMQ Broker.” So, ActiveMQ is a message broker that implements JMS.

When should I use JMS?

The Java Message Service (JMS) makes it easy to develop enterprise applications that asynchronously send and receive business data and events. It defines a common enterprise messaging API that is designed to be easily and efficiently supported by a wide range of enterprise messaging products.