What are the floating gardens of Xochimilco called?

What are the floating gardens of Xochimilco called?

The floating gardens (chinampas) of Xochimilco, near Mexico City, formerly supplied crops to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán and are still utilized for the cultivation of flowers and vegetables. Trajineras (flat-bottomed boats) in Xochimilco, Mexico City.

What is Xochimilco in Mexico most famous for?

The name Xochimilco is a combination of the Nahuatl words xochitl and milli and means “where the flowers grow.” Built on the site of a pre-Columbian town, Xochimilco is famous for its chinampas (floating gardens).

Is Xochimilco worth visiting?

The southern borough of Xochimilco is a bit of a trek for some tourists, but most say what’s waiting for you is worth the journey. Travelers visit this largely agricultural town for its long stretches of picturesque canals, located in the historic center.

What lives in the Xochimilco Lake?

Lake Xochimilco is the last remaining native habitat for the axolotl, a species of mole salamander endemic to Mexico. Until Lake Chalco was drained, the species had also been present there.

What are the trajineras?

Trajineras are flat-bottomed wooden boats, colorfully painted and decorated. Most of them have a name, which can be read from the top of the iron frame at the front.

What was the purpose of a Chinampa?

The Aztecs used stunning floating gardens — otherwise known as chinampas — to grow their crops without harming the environment.

Is Xochimilco safe?

Though Xochimilco is far from the city center, it is a relatively safe & easy 90 minute trip from the city center using public transportation. First, take Metro Line 2 (the blue line) to the end – station Tasqueña (you may also see it spelled Taxqueña).

Is Xochimilco a tourist trap?

It’s about 45 mins away from the actually centre of the city and on your way there people will try to sell you passes or lead you to an entrance where they can charge you a higher fee, it’s a classic tourist trap, but if you’re in the know then you can find another entrance where you just pay the normal cost per head …

Is chinampa still applicable today?

The chinampa system, commonly called floating gardens, is still practiced in certain suburban areas in Xochimilco, in the southern valley of Mexico City. These raised fields are constructed by digging the canals and mounding the displaced earth onto platforms.