Is there a dirty dancing 2 movie?

Is there a dirty dancing 2 movie?

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (also known as Dirty Dancing 2 or Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights) is a 2004 American dance musical romantic drama film directed by Guy Ferland and starring Diego Luna, Romola Garai, Sela Ward, John Slattery, Jonathan Jackson, January Jones, and Mika Boorem.

When did Dirty Dancing 2 come out?

February 27, 2004 (USA)Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights / Release date

Did Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze?

The pair are said to have got along fine during filming, but were never best friends. The director previously said there was some tension because Swayze was a trained dancer and would become easily frustrated while trying to teach Grey how to do the steps.

Is Dirty Dancing Havana Nights a true story?

Havana Nights is loosely based on real events from the life of its American choreographer, JoAnn Jansen, whose corporate executive father moved her family to the Cuban capitol in the late 1950s when she was 18; trained in ballet, Jansen discovered Cuban music, the moves that go with them and fell in love with a local …

How do you get Dirty Dancing on Netflix?

Even though Dirty Dancing isn’t available on Netflix, you can watch it on several other streaming platforms. You can watch it on HBO Max, Hulu with an HBO Max add-on, and on Amazon Prime Video.

Did Baby and Johnny end up together?

It turns out Frances is now married with an adorable young daughter. She’s writing books and taking salsa classes once a week at the local Jewish Community Center. Johnny is, apparently, still Johnny (though with seventies-style hair) and credits Baby with inspiring him.

Did Baby and Johnny stay together?

But the biggest change was probably the ending. A flashforward to Baby and Johnny’s future revealed him to be a Broadway star in a show based on their summer romance, while Baby was a married mom. They weren’t together anymore and it seemed like they hadn’t seen each other in years.