Is Rota a good wheel brand?

Is Rota a good wheel brand?

Simply put, Rota is the Chinese knock off brand of the wheel world. They copy good quality, expensive wheels, and make them heavy, weak, and cheap. The reason they’re popular and well known is the same reason Raceland products are: they’re cheap.

Are Rota wheels strong?

Rota are strong compared to most, esp for the money. TBH, best rims around for the cash, its all about VFM.

What country are Rota wheels from?

The Philippines’ pioneer and leading alloy wheel manufacturer. And consistently listed in the country’s top 600 corporations. Since we started more than 30 years ago, we have specialized in only one product – Rota alloy wheel.

Are rotas forged?

Are rotas forged? For the longest time, Rota only made gravity cast alloy wheels, one of the cheapest and oldest ways to make an alloy wheel. But now, with what Rota is calling their flow form technology, they are able to make a semi-forged wheel that’s almost as good as a forged wheel at a fraction of the cost.

Are ROTA grids forged?

GRID R 360 FF. ROTA GRID R 360 Flow Forged is the latest version of GRID. Manufactured using the latest technology flow forging process, the top section of the wheel is casted, then the wheel is then spun at high speed under heat pulling down the aluminium and forming the barrel.

Are ROTA grids heavy?

It is also heavy as heck. Also, you can instantly see it is not the Volk TE37 – the spokes and design are different. Might as well rock the stock wheels.

Does ROTA still make wheels?

In just a few years, Rota Grid, Slipstream, Torque and Fighter wheels have become real best-sellers for the brand and are still produced to this day. The Rota range has also been expanded and regularly includes new models to meet the expectations of the most demanding enthusiasts.

Are rotas replicas?

So in summary: Rota wheels makes replicas of other companies ideas, and they are a legit company based in the Philippines, however, there are numerous COUNTERFEIT Rota Wheels that are sold on Ebay that are made in China and sent to Malaysia for distribution.

Are Rota wheels Japanese?

The company actually started out in 1976 as a joint-venture between Italian company FPS (maker of Cromodora wheels) and Filipino entrepreneur Romeo Rojas to produce alloy wheels in the Philippines to supply to a thriving Philippine automotive industry and the aftermarket.

When was Rota wheels founded?

Rota was first birthed in 1976 as a joint venture between Italian company FPS and Filipino entrepreneur Romero Rojas, who at the time was importing and exporting automotive gear and accessories like aftermarket wheels into the Philippines.

Are Rota wheels flow form?

Rota 360 Degree FF wheels are Flow-Form Gravity-casting from high quality aluminum in popular styles at an affordable price, designed for street performance driving and tracking racing use.