Is Nitro Fun mexican?

Is Nitro Fun mexican?

The Mexican young prodigy Gustavo Rangel who is better known by his stage name NITRO FUN has been making waves in the scene with his unique productions which are a culmination of Chiptune, Ambient Cinematic, Future Bass.

What software does Nitro fun use?

Image Line FL Studio In an AMA session on Reddit when asked what DAW he uses, Nitro Fun replied:”I use FL Studio”.

What type of music does Nitro Fun make?

Mexican electronic music producer
Gustavo Rangel, known professionally as Nitro Fun, is a Mexican electronic music producer.

Is Tristam a dubstep?

The song is featured on Monstercat 005 – Evolution and Monstercat – Best of Dubstep Vol.

Who are Tristam braken?

Braken is an electronic music producer who debuted on Monstercat with his song Flight in collaboration with Tristam, which was released on February 15, 2013.

What happened Tristam Monstercat?

January 11, 2012: Tristam released his debut Monstercat EP, Smashing Newbs EP. As of late 2020, this EP has been removed from the label.

Is Flight by Tristam and braken copyright free?

Since Tristam & Braken (makers of the song) are part of Monstercat, who allow people to use their songs (they have to give credit to the specific artists though), that means you can freely use anything you want from Monstercat (including Flight by Tristam & Braken, which is the song you want) if you give credit to the …

What happened Aero chord?

1. On June 25, 2020, Aero Chord was removed from the Monstercat roster due to alleged sexual abuse towards MYLK in November 2014. Monstercat admitted and apologized in a statement for their inaction at the time and that the police were involved and investigating the case. MYLK accepted their apology.

Are Tristam songs copyrighted?

Is braken a Tristam?

Who is MYLK?

Yuki Kurihara, known as Sky-Fi or MYLK, is a composer and singer of pop and kawaii music. She debuted on Monstercat as the featured vocalist on the song Crescendo by MUZZ, which was released on July 14, 2016.