Is Greentree Financial still in business?

Is Greentree Financial still in business?

By the end of August, Green Tree will be no more. But the company is not closing. In fact, Green Tree’s parent company, Walter Investment Management Corp. (WAC), is merging Green Tree with another of Walter Investment’s well-known subsidiaries, Ditech Mortgage Corp, to form a new company, ditech, a Walter company.

Who bought Greentree Financial?

Walter Investment Management Corp.
Green Tree was acquired by Walter Investment Management Corp. in July 2011.

Does Greentree finance mobile homes?

Green Tree Financial Corporation is the only company in the United States to specialize in manufactured home loans.

When did ditech take over Greentree?

On August 31, 2015, Green Tree Servicing became ditech, a Walter company. To learn more about this transition from Green Tree to ditech, please visit

What mortgage company bought ditech?

Purchase by Walter Investment In March 2013, Ditech was acquired by Walter Investment Management Co. from Ally Financial, the former GMAC ResCap. Following the acquisition, Ditech used the name of Walter’s Green Tree Servicing subsidiary to originate loans for regulatory and licensing reasons.

Who owns Ditech Financial?

Ditech Holding CorporationDitech / Parent organization

What happens to my mortgage with ditech?

The sell-off of Ditech Holding’s two main subsidiaries is now complete. Just one day after selling Reverse Mortgage Solutions to Mortgage Assets Management, the nonbank formerly known as Walter Investment Management sold off its forward mortgage business Ditech Financial to New Residential Investment for $1.2 billion.

Who took over my ditech mortgage?

In February 2019, Ditech filed for bankruptcy for the second time in as many years. Later that year, the company’s forward mortgage servicing and originations business Ditech Finance LLC was acquired by New Residential Investment Corp.