Is grand performance the same as Grand Auditorium?

Is grand performance the same as Grand Auditorium?

GP Grand Performance Known by other manufacturers as ‘Grand Auditorium’, this guitar is comparable in overall size to a dreadnought, though its dimensions make it somewhat less boxy.

What is the difference between a concert and a grand concert guitar?

Grand Concert-guitars (Size “00”) are more common than the standard Concert-guitars and have a lower bout width of about 14”. Both these guitars are ideally suited for fingerpicking style with light touch. However, they have a lower volume ceiling, hence, not suitable for hard strumming.

What size is grand concert?

Grand Concert & Auditorium: 46mm / 1.81 inch. Concert, Dreadnought & Jumbo: 44mm / 1.73 inch. Baritone models: 48mm / 1.89 inch.

What are grand concert guitars?

The grand concert body shape is similar to a classical guitar. Its size and curves deliver a well-balanced mid-range tone, making it versatile enough for any style. The body of the guitar is smaller than the dreadnought, making it ideal for younger or smaller guitar players.

Is Dreadnought or concert better?

The main differences between Dreadnought vs Concert Guitars are: Dreadnought guitars are better for strumming, whereas concert guitars are better for finger playing. Dreadnought guitars have a large and broader body, whereas Concert guitars have a smaller body and have less low end.

Is Grand Auditorium smaller than Dreadnought?

Dreadnought acoustic guitars have a more balanced shape and are larger than Grand Auditorium guitars which have a narrow waist. Dreadnoughts produce a loud, full and warm tone, whilst Grand Auditoriums sound quieter but brighter.

Is Grand Auditorium smaller than dreadnought?

How much smaller is a concert guitar?

Concert guitars feature a neck that? s around half to three quarters of an inch shorter than your average acoustic guitar. This can make it much easier to play for smaller musicians.