Is Desigual a luxury brand?

Is Desigual a luxury brand?

Spanish Luxury brand Desigual expands its online presence through Tata CLiQ Luxury.

What brand is Desigual?

Sociedad Anónima (S.A.) Desigual (Spanish: [desiˈɣwal], Catalan: [dəziˈɣwal]; meaning “unequal, uneven”) is a Spanish fashion label. The company was founded by Thomas Meyer in 1984, and is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. It has a presence in 107 countries, with different distribution channels and several partners.

How many Desigual stores are there?

The store currently has over 320 own-brand stores and a presence in many of the global fashion capitals of the world including Paris, New York, London and Berlin.

Does Desigual run small?

It fit quite true to size: I usually wear a size 4 top and size 2 skirt, so I purchased a “Small”.

Is Desigual made in China?

Desigual is a Spain-based clothing brand founded in 1984 that features trendy, colorful and flamboyant clothing styles and designs for men, women, and children, along with shoes and accessories. Their clothes are designed and produced in Barcelona and manufactured in China, India, Bangladesh, and related countries.

Is Desigual still in business?

The company currently operates some 500 stores in 92 markets, having closed around 40 locations in the last fiscal year.

Who is the owner of Desigual?

Thomas Meyer
Thomas Meyer is founder and CEO of Spanish retailer Desigual. Meyer started the company in 1984 with a denim jacket created from a patchwork of worn blue jeans. The first store opened in Ibiza in 1986. There are now over 500 stores in 33 countries around the world.

What size is XL in Desigual?


Size XS XL
Chest (A) 81 – 85 103 – 108
Waist (B) 63 – 66 84 – 89
Hip (C) 88 – 92 109 – 114

What size is a 14 in Desigual?

Desigual Kids

Size 4 13/14
Waist (Girls) 52 cm 65 cm
Waist (Boys) 53 cm 70 cm
Hips (Girls) 61 cm 87 cm
Hips (Boys) 61 cm 86 cm

What size is L in Desigual?

Sweaters & shirts

Size XS L
Chest (A) 81 – 84 93 – 96
Waist (B) 63 – 65 74 – 77
Hip (C) 88 – 91 99 – 102

What size is 14 in Desigual?