Is Ambroxan the same as Cetalox?

Is Ambroxan the same as Cetalox?

Cetalox (also loosely known as Ambrox or Ambroxan, though they’re all slightly different molecules—yeah, molecules) is a synthetic ambergris scent (sweet, musky, amber), used in many perfumes as well as laundry detergents.

What does Ambroxan smell like?

Ambroxan has a strong woody-ambery, sweet-earthy, musky odor with a delicate animal tonality. Aroma/chemical laboratories confirm that Ambroxan can last almost 17 days on paper blotter.

What scent is Cetalox?

Cetalox has a kind of Ambergris scent, it’s musk, amber, animalic, soft, clean and slightly sweet. But the thing with Not a Perfume is that it wears differently on everyone. You need to spray it on the skin because Not a Perfume is more of an effect than a perfume.

Is Juliette has a gun not a perfume a pheromone?

Not a Perfume Superdose – she’s the newest and perhaps most anticipated new release from Juliette has a Gun. For the Not a Perfume lovers, Juliette has a Gun has just launched the Superdosed version of Not a Perfume. Richer, woodier and louder, Superdose takes pheromones to the whole other level.

What is Cetalox made of?

Enter Cetalox, also known as Ambroxan, depending on who manufactures it. Synthesized from a component of clary sage essential oil, it is almost identical in chemical make-up to ambrein, the fatty, cholesterol-like component of ambergris responsible for its odor.

Is Cetalox toxic?

Skin contact May be harmful in contact with skin. Causes mild skin irritation. Eye contact Dust may irritate the eyes.

What fragrances contain Ambroxan?

Ambroxan Perfume Notes

  • Total Hits: 26195Armani Code Sport Athlete Giorgio Armani.
  • Total Hits: 24588Silver Black Azzaro.
  • Total Hits: 15446Boss Orange Feel Good Summer Hugo Boss.
  • Total Hits: 14513Eclat D’Arpege Lanvin.
  • Total Hits: 14183Ungaro For Him Emanuel Ungaro.
  • Total Hits: 13822Sauvage Christian Dior.

Is Juliette Has a Gun a clean perfume?

Fragrance Description: This minimalist, fresh, and clean fragrance is hypoallergenic and ideal for those who don’t normally wear perfume. It is composed of a single note, called cetalox, which is usually used in perfumery as a base note.