New Is ACAN coral hard to keep?

Is ACAN coral hard to keep?

Is ACAN coral hard to keep?

Acan coral is generally hardy and easy to care for, making it a suitable species for intermediate aquarists. (Beginners may want to hold off on rushing to pick up a frag – and we’ll get to the why in a minute) The amazing color varieties make this LPS a show stopper – even for advanced hobbyists with mature tanks.

How big do ACAN corals get?

A single acan coral polyp typically stays under an inch in diameter when fully grown, but larger species may be closer to two inches. The different species of acan corals can be difficult to tell apart from each other, though their requirements in reef aquariums are all relatively similar.

Are ACAN corals poisonous?

All corals can protect themselves with either chemicals or stingers or both, and any person can have a reaction to any coral. Acanthastrea sp. corals do have sweeper tentacles and can be aggressive to nearby corals, but shouldn’t be able to harm corals ~ 2″ away. Most people will not have a reaction to their sting.

How fast do Acans grow?

The ones that are growing fast started growing new heads around 1.5 to 2 months.

Can Acans recover?

The affected acan colony can recover as long as you keep it from being stressed out too much more. Most likely the heads on the right side of the colony in the picture are going to die or be severely messed up for a while.

How long does it take to grow an ACAN?

Are Acans hard to keep?

They are very easy to keep, low to medium light.

Do Acans like flow?

Acan Coral prefer a low to medium flow. This allows food to flow to the coral as well as remove mucus and bad nutrients from the coral. Too much flow can cause the large, fleshy polyps of the Acan Coral to either stay retracted, be ripped off the skeleton.

How long do ACAN corals take to grow?

How do Acans multiply?

they will grow by adding heads in most cases. sometimes it seems like mine have heads splitting, but mostly i see small heads “budding” in new locations and increasing in size. certain acans i have seem to grow quite well.