Is a hot tub ozonator worth it?

Is a hot tub ozonator worth it?

A hot tub ozonator enhances the use of chemicals. Most owners find that this addition works well when there is also chlorine or bromine in the water. The ozone works to break down harmful chemicals that can be in there, creating dissolved solids that can be removed by the tub’s filtering process.

What does an ozone generator do in a hot tub?

What Does Ozone Do? When used in conjunction with your regular hot tub sanitizer (e.g., chlorine or bromine), ozone helps kill pathogenic bacteria, germs, and viruses. That means you can use less sanitizer, cutting your spa spending while making your hot tub a happier place for anyone with chemical sensitivities.

How do I make my hot tub chemical free?

More than one alternative to chlorine in a hot tub

  1. Ultraviolet (UV) system. This is an excellent alternative to chlorine in a hot tub.
  2. Salt-based systems. These systems eliminate the need for chlorine or bromine.
  3. Ozonators.
  4. Ionizers.
  5. Non-chlorine shock.
  6. Enzyme-based treatment.
  7. Keep your hot tub covered.
  8. Shower before use.

What is better for a spa bromine or chlorine?

If you have a spa, bromine has a lot of advantages over using chlorine. It may cost a little bit more, but it lasts longer and does a much better job than chlorine at killing bacteria, especially at high temperatures and high pH levels.

How do you maintain an ozonator in a hot tub?

Maintaining an ozonator is quite simple.

  1. Make sure it generates ozone. You can do so by using an ozone test kit.
  2. Make sure the delivery system is… delivering.
  3. Inspect the check valve. The check valve prevents the water of the hot tub to reach the ozonator.

Do you need bromine with an ozonator?

No. You will need to use a system like bromine, chlorine, Cleanwater Blue, or Nature 2. However you will find that you can use a lot less chemicals, (up to 25% less) and this will pay for your ozone system over time and make spa maintenance much more trouble free.