How old is Fran Kelly?

How old is Fran Kelly?

Kelly, 63, says she is giving up a job that still “thrills” her because she wants a little less adrenaline in her day, a bit more balance and more time to spend with her family, which now includes grandchildren.

Who did Fran Kelly replace?

Fran Kelly is stepping down as the presenter of Radio National’s Breakfast program after 17 year in front of the microphone. Patricia Karvelas, host of RN Drive and Afternoon Briefing, will be stepping into the role in 2022.

Where is Warwick Hatfield?

He is currently working at ABC Radio National as sports correspondent on Fran Kelly’s breakfast show, a position he has filled since 1996.

Who preceded Fran Kelly?

In December 2021, Patricia Karvelas was announced as Kelly’s replacement. The program is broadcast in two segments (6.00 to 7.00 and 7.30 to 8.30) before and after the current affairs program AM at 7.00.

Who is Barry Cassidy’s wife?

Heather EwartBarrie Cassidy / Wife

Who is doing rn drive?

journalist Andy Park
Award-winning broadcaster and journalist Andy Park has been announced as the new host of RN Drive in 2022, bringing listeners home each weekday with a fresh and in-depth perspective on national and international stories.

What is Patricia Karvelas new job?

Multi-talented broadcaster Patricia Karvelas has been appointed as presenter of the agenda-setting RN Breakfast on ABC Radio.

Has Fran Kelly left RN Breakfast?

On 21 October 2021 Kelly announced that she was leaving RN Breakfast, although she would continue to work of the ABC in roles such as covering federal elections, continuing as co-host of the podcast The Party Room, and other future projects.

Where was Patricia Karvelas born?

AustraliaPatricia Karvelas / Place of birth

Where has Patricia Karvelas gone?

Karvelas currently hosts RN Breakfast on Radio National.