How much is a King Air 300 worth?

How much is a King Air 300 worth?

King Air 300 Operating Cost Annual fixed cost for the King Air 300 is the most expensive of the group of turboprops as it prices around $392,000-$394,000.

How fast is a King Air 300?

The King Air 300 can fly at a long-range cruise speed of 265 mph up to a maximum range of 1,920 nautical miles. For shorter charter flights, it manages an impressive 362 mph.

What is the difference between a King Air 300 and 350?

The King Air 300 It’s virtually the same as the King Air 350 and has the same PT6A-60A engines and fuel capacity, but its maximum takeoff weight is 1,000 pounds less (at 14,000 pounds), it can accommodate up to 15 seats compared to the 350’s 17, and only 247 were built—compared to 1,215 King Air 350s.

How many seats does a King Air 300 have?

Beechcraft King Air 300: Seats Up To 16 Passengers.

What is the difference between a King Air 200 and 300?

The standard King Air 300 model is based on the King Air 200, but utilizes the more powerful 1,050shp PT6A-60A engines that are found on the 350. This shortened the range of the King Air 300 over the King Air 200 (1,500nm versus 1,600nm), but enabled it to carry more weight.

What is the difference between King Air 350 and 350i?

The King Air 350 was built until 2009. The model 350i, built in 2010, is a derivation of the model 350 featuring a “FlexCabin” configuration that can be swapped easily for a variety of missions. The 350i also boasts a quieter cabin with sound levels reduced to an average of 78dBA.

Can you fly a King Air 350 single pilot?

The answer was the single-pilot type rating. The way it works is that the airplanes – the King Air 300, 350, CJs, Beech Premier, Mustang and many more – are approved for single-pilot operation, but the pilot must have a type rating that qualifies him to fly solo.

How many people can a King Air carry?

It can be configured to carry up to 11 passengers, but is more typically configured as 8 passengers in business club seating.