How much does the average wedding cost in St Louis?

How much does the average wedding cost in St Louis?

A St. Louis County wedding costs $39,143 on average, according to NerdWallet. That’s $7,396 more than a Hickory County wedding, thanks to much bigger price tags for venues and wedding planners.

How much does the average wedding cost in Missouri?

Louis, where an average wedding costs $33,720, according to NerdWallet. But couples don’t have to spend that much to get hitched. The Wedding Report, a group that studies how much weddings cost, says about 50 percent of couples manage to spend less than $10,000, according to a survey from 2013.

Can you get married at a state park in Missouri?

Missouri State Parks are known for their outdoor recreational opportunities and beauty, so it comes as no surprise that Echo Bluff State Park in Eminence is an “in-tents” location. Between the Betty Lea Lodge, cabins, on-site restaurant and campground, you have all the offerings for a one-stop wedding.

How much does a wedding cost in Chicago?

The average wedding in Chicago was $50,934, making it the fifth priciest place in the country to tie the knot. The Chicago suburbs were counted as a separate category; the average suburban wedding was $33,391, much closer to the national average and 21st on its list.

Can you get married at Castlewood State Park?

Castlewood Canyon State Park’s rustic Pikes Peak Amphitheater and scenic Bridge Canyon Overlook provide unique views of the canyon making them an ideal choice for an outdoor wedding. The three covered shelters can accommodate 66 people each.

How much does a wedding on Nantucket cost?

By one event planner’s estimate, the average wedding on Nantucket costs between $800 to a $1,000 per guest. How that money is spent — on the venues, photographers, caterers and a slew of other vendors — takes all shapes and sizes, from as small as a three-person wedding to as large as five hundred.