New How much does a Dutchmen Lite camper weight?

How much does a Dutchmen Lite camper weight?

How much does a Dutchmen Lite camper weight?


Sleeps 3
Hitch Weight 475 lbs
Dry Weight 4188 lbs
Cargo Weight 1312 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 52 gals

How much does a Lite travel trailer weigh?

Generally lightweight travel trailers are considered 6,000 pounds dry weight or less. This doesn’t necessarily mean the RV has to be smaller. For example, the Heartland Wilderness 2475BH 28′ 9″ bunkhouse sleeps 8 but still only weighs around 5,500 pounds. Ultra-Lite travel trailers take this a step further.

What is the weight of a 1993 Dutchmen Classic?

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers Length Weight (lbs)
Classic Series
M-18RB 18′ 3440
M-20RB 20′ 3700
M-22BH 22′ 4020

How much does an ultra-light camper weight?

Coming in at under 1,500 lb. (dry weight), these 10 lightweight campers have just about everything you need to live comfortably on the road. They range from teardrop trailers to truck campers, and can usually sleep two people or maybe even up to four people.

How much do Coleman trailers weigh?


Sleeps 8
Hitch Weight 607 lbs
Dry Weight 5903 lbs
Cargo Weight 1697 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 52 gals

Did Dutchmen buy Coleman?

Fast-forward to today, and Coleman campers are now made by Dutchmen. Dutchmen began manufacturing the lines of travel trailers and fifth wheels that carry the Coleman name in 2010.

What is dry weight on a trailer?

Terms & Definitions. Dry Weight/Shipped Weight – The weight of the RV as shipped from the manufacturer without any passengers, cargo, liquids, or additional accessories or dealer installed options.

Is hitch weight included in dry weight?

So, hitch weight IS included in the dry weight (and Gross Vehicle Weight, see below), and most experts agree that an acceptable hitch/tongue weight for any trailer is somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of the trailer weight.

How much does a sonic Lite trailer weigh?

*This weight reflects the rolling average unit weight for each model. Your trailer weight will vary according to optional equipment….2020 Sonic Lite SL169VBH.

UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight)* 3,210
Dry Hitch Weight* 400
Dry Axle Weight* 2,810
NCC (Net Carrying Capacity) 990
Interior Height 82″

How much do Coleman pop up trailers weigh?

The average weight of a Coleman pop up camper is 2000 pounds. However, Coleman pop up campers come in a variety of sizes and with different amenities.

How much does a Coleman lantern camper weigh?

4315 lbs

Sleeps 4
Hitch Weight 430 lbs
Dry Weight 4315 lbs
Cargo Weight 3285 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 52 gals