How many Tehsil are there in Singrauli?

How many Tehsil are there in Singrauli?

three tehsils
Singrauli district comprises three tehsils, namely, Singrauli, Deosar and Chitrangi.

What is Singrauli famous for?

This area has group of rock cut caves made in the 7-8th century AD in Mada, 32 km from Waidhan. The Mada caves are situated in Mada tehsil of Singrauli district. Famous caves include Vivah Mada, Ganesh Mada and Shankar Mada, Jaljalia and Ravan Mada. Besides rock cut caves, Singrauli also has Painted rock shelters.

Which language is spoken in Singrauli?


Singrauli Urjanchal Urjādhānī
• Official Hindi, English
Time zone UTC+5:30
PIN 486889

Who is DM of Singrauli district?

Shri Rajeev Ranjan Meena
Singrauli Administration

Name Designation Phone
Shri Rajeev Ranjan Meena, IAS Collector & District Magistrate 07805-234541
Mr. Birendra kumar Singh Supdt. Of Police 07805-234601
Mr. Saket Malviya Chief Executive officer Zila panchyat 07805-355047
Mr. Madhu V. Raj DFO 9424793525

Is Singrauli a Naxalite area?

As per the state government, nine districts of Madhya Pradesh– Balaghat, Mandla, Dindori, Sidhi, Singrauli, Anuppur, Umaria, Shahdol and Seoni– are naxal-hit. The Centre, however, considers only Balaghat as maoist- hit.

How many villages are there in Singrauli district?

Tahsil-wise List

Sl No Tahsil Total Villages
1 Chitrangi 306
2 Deosar 225
3 Singrauli 215

Who is the DSP of Singrauli?

Mr. Birendra kumar Singh | District Singrauli | India.

Who is IAS of Singrauli?

Office of Collector and DM , Collectorate building, Waidhan District Singrauli.

Where is Singrauli in Indian map?

Where is Singrauli Located | Singrauli Location Map

City Singrauli
State Madhya Pradesh
District Sidhi
Total Population 185,580
Total Male 100,342

Which city is known as the energy capital of Madhya Pradesh?

ABOUT DISTRICT Singrauli is the 50th district of the state of Madhya Pradesh. It was granted District status on May 24, 2008. Due to abundance of mineral resources, mainly coal and Power Plants Singrauli is emerging as India’s energy capital.