New How many Hindus are there in Manchester?

How many Hindus are there in Manchester?

How many Hindus are there in Manchester?

Key statistics

Greater Manchester Compared
Hindu 0.7% 1.52%
No religion 11% 24.74%
Over 75 years old 7.0% 7.5%
Unemployed 3.5% 3.3%

What is the population of Marple?

Further information about the population structure:

Age Groups Persons
0-17 years 3,729
18-64 years 9,875
65+ years 5,028

What is the population of Stockport 2020?

Current Population Statistics

Year Total Population of Stockport Population Aged 65+
2017 291,000 57,600
2018 291,800 58,100
2019 293,400 58,700
2020 294,200 58,900

How many Sikhs are there in Manchester?

The Sikh population in Manchester has grown in recent years, with an estimate of 2,500 Sikh families and over 15,000 Sikh individuals living in the city. Sikhism is one of the largest organised faiths in the world and remains a fast-growing religion, both globally and within India.

What is the biggest religion in Manchester?

Since 2001, the share of Christians in Manchester has fallen from 62.4% to 48.7%, while the percentage of people with no religious affiliation increased from 16% to 25.4%. The percentage of Muslims has increased as well from 9.1% to 15.8%. Manchester has the largest Jewish population in Britain outside of London.

Who owns Marple?

Edwin Gnanaprkasam
In April 2020, after running the cinema for 52 years, David Lillis decided to retire from the managerial position and handed the baton over to Edwin Gnanaprkasam. Before taking over as the managing director, Edwin was assisting David Lillis in the cinema for 5 years since 2014.

What is Marple famous for?

Marple is notable for its series of 16 canal locks, known as Marple Lock Flight, close to the village centre. The Peak Forest Canal skirts the village, north running alongside Marple Memorial Park and Brabyns Park until it reaches the Marple Aqueduct and on to Dukinfield Junction, and south towards Bugsworth Basin.

What is someone from Stockport called?

Stopfordian is used as the general term, or demonym used for people from Stockport, much as someone from London would be a Londoner.

What is the largest town in Greater Manchester?

Population ranking

# Settlement Population
Census 2011
1 Manchester‡ 510,746
2 Bolton 194,189
3 Sale 134,022