How many elves and Dwarves were at the Battle of the Five Armies?

How many elves and Dwarves were at the Battle of the Five Armies?

The battle The 500 Dwarves and 200 Lake-men formed up on one spur and over 1000 Elves on the other, while a light rear-guard lined across the mouth of the valley to lure the Orcs between the two, and thus destroy them.

Did the elves and Dwarves fight in the Hobbit book?

The Battle of Five Armies was an important battle waged in T.A. 2941. The five warring parties were the Goblins and the Wargs against Men, Elves and Dwarves on and near the Lonely Mountain.

Who are the two elves in The Hobbit?

The names of these representatives were Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë. When the three returned, they spoke to their people of the beauty and bliss of what they had seen and urged them to travel to Valinor and abide there. Thus began the Great Journey, also known as the Sundering of the Elves.

What was the battle of Dale?

The Battle of Dale was a battle fought between the Kingdom of Dale allied with the Dwarves of Erebor and the Iron Hills, against the Easterlings of Rhûn in the valley of Dale during the War of the Ring in the late Third Age, and was the decisive battle in the Northern Theater of the War of the Ring.

Does Legolas love tauriel?

Tauriel truly threw a wrench in Legolas’ life when he fell in love with her. She was brave, fierce, and a protective leader of the guard. He was meant to be the dutiful son of King Thranduil, but in loving her, he became a stubborn, masterful archer instead. He loved exploration and adventure over his duties.

Is the battle of the five armies in The Hobbit book?

From the author of The Lord of The Rings trilogy, J. R. R. Tolkien, and the same crew behind their film adaptations, Peter Jackson and his writing team, The Battle of the Five Armies is the final instalment in a trilogy of films based on the classic fantasy novel, The Hobbit.

Who won the battle of Dale?

Battle of Dale
Outcome: Pyrrhic victory for the Men and Dwarves Deaths of Kings Brand and Dáin II Bard II and Thorin III become Kings Easterlings trouble Dale no more
Bardings Dwarves of Erebor Easterlings

Why did Dain become king?

After the death of Thorin in the Battle of Five Armies, Dain becomes King under the Mountain. He redeems the Arkenstone from Bard with a fourteenth of the treasure, which is used to re-establish Dale. Over the next three years, Bard rebuilds the city of Dale and becomes its ruler.