How many beds does MK hospital have?

How many beds does MK hospital have?

500Milton Keynes University Hospital / Number of beds
With around 550 beds and employing more than 4,000 staff, the hospital sees and treats appropriately 400,000 patients each year comprising of both outpatient and emergency attendances. All inpatient services and most outpatient services are provided on the main hospital site.

What does Milton Keynes hospital Specialise in?

The Trust is organised into four clinical divisions (medicine, surgery, women and children and core clinical) and a number of corporate directorates.

What is Ward 20 Milton Keynes?

Our team looks after patients with various conditions but Ward 20 specialises in the care of the Older Person. We care for both men and women on the ward in 4 or 6 bedded single sex bays.

When was MK hospital built?

A campaign under the banner ‘Milton Keynes is Dying for a Hospital’ was started. This resulted in the commitment to build a hospital and Milton Keynes Hospital was officially opened in 1984.

Who opened MK hospital?

At the opening of the shopping building in September 1979, Lord Campbell successfully lobbied the Prime Minister for a hospital appropriate to the planned population of the Borough and work began on the construction of the main hospital in 1980.

Is Milton Keynes a good hospital?

Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is currently rated as a ‘Good’ hospital. The rating was given to the Trust following a series of planned inspections in 2019 by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent health and social care regulator.

What is the postcode for Milton Keynes hospital?

Milton Keynes Hospital Hospital Map, Address and Location Information – Standing Way, Milton Keynes, MK6 5LD.

What is Ward 23 MK hospital?

Ward 23 is a busy emergency orthopaedic ward with an average age of 83. Many of these patients suffer from dementia and find their new surroundings disorientating.

What is Ward 20a Uhcw?

We look after patients with various conditions but Ward 20 specialises in the Care of Older People. Although the ward is mixed sex, men and women are cared for in separate bays which are single sex. As well as bays of beds, we also have some side rooms with ensuite facilities.

What is the postcode for Milton Keynes Hospital?

Which region is Milton Keynes Hospital in?

Milton Keynes University Hospital is a district general hospital serving Milton Keynes, its borough and the surrounding area of north Buckinghamshire, south Northamptonshire and north-west Bedfordshire….

Milton Keynes University Hospital
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What county is Milton Keynes in?

Milton Keynes, town and unitary authority, geographic and historic county of Buckinghamshire, south-central England.