How long does it take to walk around Great Blasket Island?

How long does it take to walk around Great Blasket Island?

Gallery. The loop walk around the entire Great Blasket Island is a moderate to strenuous 5 hour (13 km) walking route along the amazingly scenic tracks on this uninhabited and historic Island at the western end on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry in the southwest of Ireland and on the western fringes of Europe.

How do I get from Dingle to Blasket Island?

Passenger ferries operate from the mainland to the Great Blasket Island during the Spring, Summer and Autumn, weather permitting. Ferries may be boarded at Dún Chaoin Pier opposite the island (20 minutes crossing), at the Marina in Dingle Town (a 40 minute trip), or at Ventry Pier.

Are there toilets on the Blasket Islands?

The Great Blasket Island, a bare treeless island off the coast of Co Kerry, receives up to 400 visitors a day, and thousands in total during the main season. It is growing in popularity but it has no public toilet, a meeting in Killorglin, Co Kerry, has been told.

Can you swim on Blasket Island?

The Great Blasket Island is a phantastic experience. Swimming with the seals is unique! Go and try one of the most amazing nature experiences of your life!

How many Blasket Islands are there?

seven islands
The Blasket Islands are an archipelago of seven islands – Great Blasket Island [ Blascaod Mór ]; Inishvickillaun [ “Dálaighs” or “ Charlies ” island]; Inish na Bró; Tiaracht [Western island ]; Inish Tuaisceart [ Northern island, The Dead Man, The Sleeping Giant ]; Beginish [Small Island ]; Oileán na n-Óg [Island of the …

Who lives on the Blasket Islands?

The islands were inhabited until 1954 by a completely Irish-speaking population and today are part of the Gaeltacht. At its peak, the islands had 175 residents. The population declined to 22 by 1953.

Why was Great Blasket Island abandoned?

The last island to hold a significant population, the Great Blasket Island was abandoned in 1954 due to population decline and is best known for a number of gifted Irish language writers who brought vividly to life their harsh existence and who kept alive old Irish folk tales of the land.

Who owns the Great Blasket Island?

the state
In 2009 the Office of Public Works bought most of the property on the island, including the deserted village, and the state is now the majority landowner.

What size is the Great Blasket Island?

1,100 acres
Over 1,100 acres of unspoiled largely mountainous terrain, the Great Blasket Island is approximately 4 miles long by 1/2 mile wide. Home to an abundance of wildlife and fauna, the Great Blasket Island is thriving with Irish history and life.