How do you send pictures to global news?

How do you send pictures to global news?

You can e-mail photos to [email protected]. Please send the large, original, high-resolution photo. Pictures should be horizontal and at least 1920 pixels wide.

How do I send something to global news?

Contact Global BC

  1. BY E-MAIL. News tips/photos/videos: [email protected]. Local programming inquiries: [email protected].
  2. BY PHONE. News tips: 604-422-6494. Main switchboard: 604-420-2288.
  3. BY MAIL. 7850 Enterprise Street. Burnaby, B.C., Canada.

How do you send pictures to Global BC?

Global BC: Send us your Weather Window photos

  1. Do you have a wonderful or spectacular weather photo in B.C. that you would like to share with our TV viewers?
  2. Email us at [email protected].

How do I send pictures to Global Edmonton?

Email your pictures or video to [email protected]. FIND US ON FACEBOOK: Go to and click on “Like.” FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: For news updates and behind the scenes photos, check out our Twitter page.

How do you submit a story to the news?

E-mail is the best way to make an initial contact, but you may also call or write a letter. If your story is in connection with something you read in The Post, contact the reporter whose byline is on the article. The e-mail address of Post reporters is printed at the bottom of every story in the newspaper.

How do I submit photos to global Okanagan?

Call or email Global Okanagan — we want to hear from you! Click here to send us your news tip! Click here to send us your BEST Okanagan weather/scenic photos! Please include your name, daytime phone number, and a brief description of where the picture was taken.

How do you send pictures to Global Okanagan?

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