How do you make thread bangles?

How do you make thread bangles?

Designing Your Silk Bangle. Select a bangle base in the desired shape, material, and width. You can choose a wide or narrow bangle to wrap with silk thread. Use a bangle in the material of your choice, such as wood, plastic, or metal, but the glue will stick best to plastic and wood.

What are silk thread bangles?

Indian Silk thread bangles are nothing but a plain set of bangles wrapped in colorful threads, further topped off with shining beads, studs, mirrors, pearls and other dazzling embellishments.

How do you make bangles with pictures?


  1. Take digital photos of architectural elements of buildings or choose desired images for your photo bangle.
  2. Hot glue the 10 images to the flat side of 10 glass half-globe beads so the images are visible through the rounded part of the globes.
  3. Condition four shades of polymer clay; gold, silver, black and white.

How do you make silk thread necklaces?

How to Make a Silk Cord Necklace

  1. Take one bead and stuff the end of the silk cord through the bead with the help of your knotting tool.
  2. Guide the end of the silk cord all the way through your bead.
  3. Pull the silk cord through the bead.
  4. Slide the bead towards the middle of your silk cord.

What is the rate of silk thread?

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How do you make a pearl necklace with thread?

How To String a Pearl Necklace

  1. Making simple necklaces is quite easy.
  2. When working with pearls, you need silk thread.
  3. To start, you want to tie a knot in the end of your cord and thread a clamshell onto it.
  4. Thread your first pearl onto the necklace.
  5. Tie an overhand knot loosely in the thread above the pearl.