How do you clean a Toyotomi heater?

How do you clean a Toyotomi heater?

1. Drain Fuel Tank Remove any kerosene (paraffin), dust or water remaining in the fuel sub tank and removable fuel tank to prevent rusting. 2. Clean Heater Wipe off any dirt or dust on heater with a damp cloth, then wipe again using a dry cloth.

Are Toyotomi Heaters good?

The revolutionary TOYOTOMI Laser Direct Vent Heaters, with their whisper-quiet comfort, safety and dependability, are the most popular, best-selling, direct vent heating systems in Alaska.

What does EE 6 mean on a Toyostove?

EE2 and EE6 The EE2 code means that the flame sensor did not detect a flame during the ignition and pre-heat stage. The EE6 code means that the flame sensor has lost flame contact twice after the unit reached the normal burning stage.

What fuel does a Toyostove use?

Fuel Type: 1-k kerosene or #1 fuel oil. Electric Rating: AC 120V, 60Hz. Efficiency: 87% (AFUE Rating)

How do I clean my monitor heater?

The exterior cabinet of your MPI Monitor heater should be dusted frequently to prevent clogged vents. Simply run a static duster over the cabinet at least once a week while you do you regular light cleaning in the room. If the exterior looks dingy, wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth.

What is a Toyotomi heater?

Toyotomi sealed combustion direct vent heating systems (TOYOSTOVE, Laser, and OIL MISER models) are the most fuel-efficient, energy saving, heating systems available (use up to 50% less fuel for heating the same area) and have substantially lower emissions (up to 50% less CO¬≤) than traditional oil-fired heating systems …

What does CL mean on heater?

CL10, CL9, etc. is displayed on Digital Indicator. IF THE CLOCK IS SET, the heater will automatically clean igniter for ten minutes every day at 2:00AM. The Digital Indicator will display a CL 10, CL 9, (down to 0) during the cleaning cycle.

What does E 12 mean on a Toyo stove?

E-12. High limit switch activated. Clean circulation fan filter and remove any obstructions, allow your heater to cool completely and re-ignite.

How much does a Toyostove cost?

Toyostoves generally cost between $1,000 and $3,000. The heaters are made by a company in Japan called TOYOTOMI.