How do you access Ordos?

How do you access Ordos?

To get to the area where Ordos is just go to the part of the bridge on the Timeless isle that is broken. As long as you have the legendary cloak on one of your characters you will be pulled across. Stack on other players unless you have Burning Soul- then run out of the group. Upon his death, be sure to leave quickly.

How do you get the legendary cloak mop?

If you return to the Blacktalon Quartermaster in The Veiled Stair, you can purchase any of the Epic versions of each cloak for 8k gold and then buy an Essence of the Black Dragonflight to turn it into the Legendary version.

How do I get to firestorm egg?

Firestorm Eggs are large red eggs found on raised areas around the Blazing Way and the Ordon Sanctuary on the Timeless Isle. Some of these areas require the use of the [Gleaming Crane Statue] to reach.

How do you use highwind albatross?

The Highwind Albatross can help you access areas on the Timeless Isle (a no-fly zone) otherwise inaccessible to players. All you need to do is get in range of one of the birds and hit it (flay, shoot, etc). Use any ability you have to drop threat (Spectral Guise) and take off your legendary DPS cloaks.

How do I get to Ordon santuary?

Since the bridge has been destroyed, other means of gaining access to the area are required, such as: Purchasing a Golden Glider, swimming to out-of-bounds (where you get fatigued), flying high enough and then towards Ordon Santuary, and then using your Golden Glider.

Do you need the legendary cloak to enter Ordon sanctuary?

It was initially stated that access to Ordon Sanctuary or eligibility for loot from Ordos would no longer require players to have completed the Legendary Cloak questline, but Rygarius later stated that the change was reverted. Patch 5.4.0 (2013-09-10): Added.

Where is the Ordon sanctuary?

The Ordon Sanctuary [53, 29] is the home of Ordos, the yaungol demigod of fire. Found on a rise high above the rest of the Timeless Isle, the sanctuary was originally accessed by the last bridge span of the Firewalkers’ Path. Since the bridge has been destroyed, other means of gaining access to the area are required, such as:

How do I get to the sanctuary on the bridge?

Running off the bridge while mounted or sprinted and using engineering glider cape or slowfall of some sort, aim for the cliff to the left of the far side of the broken bridge, you can run up that cliff and into the sanctuary.