How do I save a project in LinkedIn recruiter?

How do I save a project in LinkedIn recruiter?

Sign in to Recruiter. Run a search from the global search bar. Click Save to project next to the candidate you’d like to save to your project.

What is a project recruiter?

Conduct and lead project-specific and proactive recruitment for personnel on all active contracts in collaboration with programs/operations group. Identify potential candidates through databases, contacts/networks, Internet, publications and cold calls. Coordinate all project recruitment advertising.

What is a project on LinkedIn recruiter?

A project is an organizational workplace within LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite used for tracking and managing candidates through the hiring process. All jobs posted in Recruiter or Recruiter Lite are associated with a project.

What is considered a project on LinkedIn?

Projects are a great way of showcasing what you can do and to provide some real data behind your work experience. People are always saying that your LinkedIn page should talk about your results, not your jobs, and projects are the evidence you can add to show the impact you made through your work.

What is the first step in the recommended Recruiter workflow?

1. Review the recruiting activities on a profile to learn how your team is engaging with a prospect. 2. Update tags and statuses as candidates move through the recruitment process.

How do I save a project in LinkedIn?

Run your search in the Talent pool tab of a project and add any filters you’d like to refine your results. Click Search history on the left rail. To the right of the search you want to save, click Save search.

What are the benefits of creating a project in LinkedIn recruiter?

A project makes it easy for you and your team to access everything you need in one place in Recruiter. Projects can be created for open positions you are actively sourcing, building future pipelines of talent, and tracking current employees for future openings within your organization.

Can you copy a project in LinkedIn recruiter?

You can copy a job from one LinkedIn Recruiter project into another project to quickly edit and create a new job post.

Where in recruiter can you quickly access feedback you’ve received on a profile?

Click View Feedback from the Notifications icon in the top right corner of your Recruiter or Recruiter Lite homepage. You’ll be directed to the candidate’s profile where you can click the Interview & Feedback tab to view the feedback received.

How do I merge Projects on LinkedIn Recruiter?

Sign in to Recruiter. Click Projects at the top of your Recruiter homepage. Click the More icon next to your project and select Reassign owner from the dropdown. You can use the search bar and filters on the left to locate your project.