How do I identify gmelina wood?

How do I identify gmelina wood?

Gmelina arborea wood is pale yellow to cream-coloured or pinkish-buff when fresh, turning yellowish brown on exposure and is soft to moderately hard, light to moderately heavy.

Is gmelina ornamental?

It is often planted as an ornamental avenue shade tree. The wood makes a fairly good charcoal.

How fast does gmelina tree grow?

Gmelina is a short-lived tree, which reaches an age of 30(–50) years. Under favourable conditions it can reach a height of 3 m in one year and 20 m in 5 years, and a height of 30 m and a bole diameter of 50 cm in 20 years, but growth is strongly site-dependent and 10-year-old trees can vary in height from 5 m to 30 m.

Is gmelina invasive?

Currently, it is listed as invasive in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Australia and the Cook Islands (Chacón and Saborío, 2012; Mir, 2012; IUCN, 2013; PIER, 2016; Weeds of Australia, 2016). It is also separately reported as invasive in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.

Is Gmelina wood a hardwood?

Gmelina is a hardwood species with strength characteristics as those of softwoods. The bending as well as the compressive strength parallel to the grain of Gmelina arborea follows the Weibull distribution.

What is the color of Gmelina wood?

yellowish brown
Gmelina wood is cream to yellowish brown in colour but turns reddish brown with age and has a silky lustre.

Is gmelina a hardwood or softwood?

a deciduous tree that grows remarkably fast, gmelina is a common sight as a shade tree along country roads in the Philippines. A lightweight hardwood, gmelina produces good quality pulp for the production of writing paper and carton board.

Which is better Gmelina vs mahogany?

As compared to mahogany wood furniture, gmelina is a little less durable and is more prone to the attacks of termites and related insects. It is relatively inexpensive as compared to mahogany and many other kinds of wood used for furniture.

Is Gmelina a hardwood or softwood?

Which is better gmelina vs mahogany?

Is Gmelina wood is good?

Gmelina wood is definitely good for bed frames and related furniture because of its strength and stability. Where it includes various factors that make it a good option for manufacturing bed frames, its size, color, texture, and style are probably the most prominent.