How do I fix error 13010 on iTunes?

How do I fix error 13010 on iTunes?

Fix: Remove the Genius database In the “Finder” go to the /username/Music/iTunes/ directory and delete the “iTunes Library Genius. itdb” file. This should allow the program to launch again.

How do I fix error 42110 on iTunes?

How to Resolve the iTunes Error 42110

  1. Method #1: Install and Download the Current iTunes Version.
  2. Method #2: Delete the SC Info Folder.
  3. Method #3: Update Critical System Settings.
  4. Method #4: Contact iTunes Technical Support.

Why is Apple music not loading?

If Apple Music isn’t playing on your iPhone or iPad, try shutting down the app and opening it again, or restart your device. If all but a single song or two will play, delete it from your Apple Music library and re-download it to get a clean file.

Where is the SC Info folder in iTunes?

Question: Q: Where is the SC Info folder?

  1. Open Computer from the Start menu.
  2. From the Organize menu, choose Folder and Search Options.
  3. Click the View tab.
  4. In the “Advanced settings” pane under “Hidden files and folders,” make sure that the “Show hidden files and folders” option is selected.
  5. Click OK.

What is a decompression bomb 42110?

If the error message displayed on-screen mentions that a file is a decompression bomb, it indicates a probable threat to your system. These decompression bombs are RAR or Zip files that need to be extracted. Since these files have a very high compression ratio, hence can possibly infect your system with viruses.

What is a generic error message?

Generic Error Codes. Generic error codes are error codes that map to DBMS-specific errors returned by Ingres and by the DBMS that you access through Enterprise Access products. If your application interacts with more than one type of DBMS, it should check generic errors in order to remain portable.