How do I download helb application form?

How do I download helb application form?

How to Download and Print the Application Form?

  1. Login into HLEB Portal.
  2. If you do not have any Account then check HELB Account Creation and Registration.
  3. After login look at the top main menu.
  4. Click on “Go to Application”
  5. Select the type to load you wanted to apply.
  6. Fillup step by step application.

Is Kmtc helb Loan open?

Is KMTC Afya Elimu Helb Loan Open for the first time and subsequent application? Yes, currently the Afya Elimu Helb loan application for first, second and subsequent applicants is open.

Is helb application still open?

The Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, has opened the applications for the Helb undergraduate first time loan applications 2021-2022. You can now apply for your loan before the portal is closed.

How do I apply for a HELB loan in Kmtc?

Visit The Helb Loan Official Website & Log Into Your Account here Both first-time, second and subsequent applicants should access and fill the First Time Afya Elimu Fund Loan Application Form (LAF) from the HELB website. Fill in the Afya Elimu Helb loan application form Ensure the form is properly filled and sign it.

Where can I get HELB application form?

Visit our website to access the Student Portal and click on “create an account” to register. Once the account is created, log in and select the appropriate Undergraduate First Time Loan Application Form [LAF].

Where do I submit my HELB application form?

To download the form, visit Submit the duly filled Loan Application Form (LAF) at Anniversary towers, M1 or select huduma centres.

How much does Helb give to Kmtc students?

Kaloki observed that HELB is a key partner to KMTC in the achievement of (UHC) as KMTC students have been benefiting from HELB funds under the Afya Elimu Fund, where beneficiaries receive Kshs 40,000 towards their education. The funds have been able to assist many needy students access and complete training in KMTC.

What is the deadline for helb application?

HELB Application Deadline

Undergraduate Student Loan First Time 31st December, 2021
Undergraduate Student Loan Second & Subsequent Times 30th October, 2021
TVET Student Loan First Time 31st December, 2021
TVET Student Loan Second & Subsequent Times 31st December, 2021

What are the requirements for helb application?

Application requirements

  • A copy of the applicant’s admission letter from the institution.
  • A copy of the applicant’s National Identification Card.
  • Applicant’s KCSE result slip or certificate.
  • Copies of the parents’ National ID Cards or death certificate where the parent is deceased.

How do I print a helb form?

Don’t skip any step (You will be expected to fill personal details, education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantors, and Bank details). So make sure you have them. After confirming that you have filled your form correctly go to home page and the click the icon indicated “Print form” to print your HELB Form.

What is the deadline for HELB loan application?

How do I print a HELB form?